Rod Rocker
Rod Rocker
Simply position Rod Rocker against wall
and insert an Ice Rod (so that the rod tip
is directly above the hole) and lightly
screw it to the Permanent Ice House wall.
Now place your rod into the Rod Rocker,
set the depth and sit back and fish with
your other Rod etc.

When a fish bites, the Rod Rocker will
pivot, your rod tip will dip downward, pick
your rod out of the Rod Rocker and set
the hook. It will detect even the slightest
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about losing your extra Ice
Fishing Rod down the hole or
Now you can fish and not worry
stepping on it!
Made of tough, durable plastic.

• It Pivots back and forth!

• Great Rod holder for permanent

• Keeps your Rod off the ground
and out of the Ice hole

• Detects the slightest bites

• Simple and Easy to use

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