Rod Rocker 2
Rod Rocker 2
• Extremely sensitive "Dead Stick" Rod

• Detects the lightest bites

• Allows Rod to freely move up and down

• Saves Rod from being pulled down the
ice hole

• Quick on - off placement of Rod and
Reel and also Rod Rocker 2
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Now you can fish and not worry
about losing your extra Ice
Fishing Rod down the hole or
stepping on it!
• Easily stored - just pull out of predrilled holes - it
lays flat

• Very  durable  -  Steel  rod   frame   with  rubber
coating on top

NEW!! It now attaches to the top of a 5-gallon
bucket, Lip of a portable Ice House, and onto a
2”x8”x12” piece of wood!

• Locate  desired spot  on  top lip of  portable  tub
or  onto a  2x8"  wood piece  and don't  forget on
the floor of your permanent   ice house in front of
a hole

• Pre drill holes  slightly  larger  than actual  size of Rod Rocker 2 frame

• Place Rod Rocker 2 into predrilled holes - set rod and reel in  place  with the
reel  handle  positioned away from frame and you're ready to fish!

• Action  from active  Minnows will  actually  move the rod tip up and down!

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Rod Rocker 2.