Rod Strap
Rod Strap
Winter Applications:
• 5-gallon buckets. Attach Bucket Clip to the bucket and your Rod to the
Rod Strap for worry free Fishing.

• Portable Ice Shacks. Simply attach the non slip rubber part of strap to the
tubing, strap your rod (without the worry of stepping on or losing rod) and
start fishing with your other rod or use it for storing! You can stack 'em up
above each other for thee old swithcheroo when needed!

• Permanent Ice Houses. Attach Rod Strap to the wall of a permanent house
by puncturing a starter hole and screw to wall or nail it. Position so your rod
tip is over the hole. The rod strap always keeps your rod in the horizontal
position. If using as a dead stick the Rod Strap will allow your rod tip to dip
downward if a fish bites (signaling a strike). Also great for Rod Storage.

• ATV racks. Attach Rod Strap to your 4-wheeler or
Snowmobile   rack.   Have   the  ice  hole  positioned
under the rod tip.  Now you can  scan the perimeter
of your other holes and not worry about losing your
rod. Great for dead sticking!

• Chairs. Attach to frame work or tubes of your fold
out and pop up chairs.  

Summer Applications:
• Chairs.   Great  for  Bank  (shore)  or Dock  fishing!
Attach  non slip  rubber  part  of strap  to the frame
work.     Attach    the   Velcro   part   to    rod   blank
(approximately  2'-3'  above the  reel),  sit back and
relax.  If you get a  bite  simply  peel  off  the  Velcro
strap and start reeling!

• Stake. Push a stake into the ground when Bank or Shore fishing and
attach the Rod Strap and rod for worry free fishing!

• Chest Waders. Hang the Rod Strap form your
Chest Waders strap and attach to rod when
changing Flies etc.

• Pontoon Boat. Attach the non slip part of strap to
the upper rail of your Pontoon Boat and Velcro
your rod to it. This way your rod wont tip over onto

• Pants belt, ATV rack, and the list goes on!

ROD STRAP - A very innovative and inexpensive way
to Store, Stack, Protect and Fish with your Rod.

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Made out of tough but pliable 1" Nylon web
strapping, Velcro and non slip Rubber, the
Rod Strap is designed to keep your Rod off
the Ground and out of the Water.

No more Stepping on, Breaking or Losing the
Rod. Velcro was added for Quick on and off
placement of the Rod.

The non slip rubber was applied to the Strap
for secure no slip attachment to round or
square poles (Chair legs/frames, Portable Ice
House tubes etc.).

The Rod Strap has many Summer and Winter