"I really like the Foam Walker when I'm rigging with big minnows like redtails
and creek chubs.  No other sinker feeds line to a biting fish as well as a Foam
Walker does.  When you feel a bite and let the line go, the buoyancy of the
foam keeps the Foam Walker upright, and the line flows freely to the fish
through the line slot, which is above the bottom.  At the Cass Lake PWT
event, I was waiting 60 seconds after a pickup to reel down and set the
hook.  The Foam Walker's gave me complete confidence that the fish would
still be there."

Jim Carroll
Pro Walleye Angler
Minot, ND

"Today's Tackle Wave Buster and Ice Buster bobbers are the most versatile
piece of fishing equipment I have.  I can use them from winter through
summer, on every fishing rod I have.  Just snap them on and off again when
ever the conditions ask for it. I love the Foam Walkers!  They are so easy to
snap on and begin fishing.  Snap them off, and your back to casting a plug,
it's that easy. Ever tried to thread wet braided line through a bobber?  You
should never have to again when you try the Ice Buster Bobbers or Wave
Buster Bobbers. Simply said, They are just that easy and great to use. I have
been guiding for over 12 years and fish every thing from Sunfish, Crappies,
Walleyes to Pike, Catfish and Sturgeon.  I have to say I have used the Wave
Busters and Ice Busters for every kind of fish.  Even when I have to put
several of them on the line at once to keep my rigs afloat, they just don't
stop giving me new ideas and way to use them.  Jig too heavy, just add a
another bobber.  Jig too light, just snip off part of the bobber.   Today's
Tackle has so many versatile products for summer and winter fishing that are
not just products, they are MUST HAVE tools, they work and work well.  I
don't leave home with out at least one or more products with me every time
I go fishing, no matter what I am fishing for."  

Rusty Miller
Wiskers Guiding Service  
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