Wave Buster Bobber
Wave Buster Bobber
The new innovative Wave
Buster is a slip float that is
designed for Summer Fishing.
- The only Totally adjustable slip bobber on the market! It is a weighted
casting bobber that easily casts 30 yds., as straight as an arrow. No wavering
or flopping in the air. You can say that it is weight forward.

It has a very quiet entry into the water, with minimal splash that doesn't
scare the fish in shallow water like other bobbers and floats.

The Wave Buster has Unbreakable foam and plastic parts.

A 1" Florescent Orange plastic  sleeve on the top
acts   as  a   balancer   and   a   visual  tool.    If  a
fisherman uses a 1/32oz. jig, the bobber will not
stand up after the line passes through it and the
string tie knot contacts  the slotted hole.  If you
slide  the   Balancer  Sleeve  down   towards  the
base,  the bobber will then tip  or stand  upright.

Some fishermen like to have the bobber lie down
so when the fish strikes and pulls the line  down,
the bobber  stands upright  before being  pulled
under,   telling  the  fisherman  to  set  the  hook
(they call this a tattle tail).

After  being cast  into the water the  bobber  will
stand upright when  the stop knot  contacts the
bobber-slot  telling  you that your  bait and jig is
off the bottom of the lake.

The bobber can also be trimmed down to match the lure and bait weight for
achieving neutral buoyancy if so desired. That way fish don't feel as much
resistance after they strike and start moving with the bait.

The bottom cap is designed to hold a weight inside its cavity. It makes the
bobber cast further and also helps as a balancing tool. The bottom cap is
also designed with a ¼" long slotted hole that eliminates the plastic bead
most bobbers and floats need to use (Now all you need attached to your line
is a string stop knot).

It also allows your fishing line to
quickly   pass   through   to   get
your bait and  lure down to  the
fish  faster.   By  modifying   the
bottom  cap   (pushing  a  sharp
knife through from the notch to
the  slotted hole)  you  are  able
to  then  snap  your  bobber  on
and    off    your   line    instantly
without  having to cut  your line
to add or take a bobber off your

Night Fishing
You can also poke a starter hole into the top of this bobber with a
sharp pointed  object,  like a  round  toothpick,  then snap, shake,
and  insert  a  small  3mm.  glow  or  light  stick  for  approximately
10 hrs.  of  night  fishing.   The  light  stick  doesn't  interfere  with
tangling or the casting ability of the Wave Buster.

The New Wave Buster (Summer Bobber/Float) has  features  that
are unmatched:

• A  weighted  base   for  further  casts.   This  slip   bobber   casts
straight  as  an arrow  (no wavering or flopping in the air).  It also
has a very quiet entry into the water.  Casts of 30 yards are easily

• When casted it will lay down (with a 1/16 oz. jig or smaller) and
let your line zip through it.  When the stop knot comes in  contact
with the base, it will stand up ( when balanced correctly, telling you that your
jig is off the bottom).

• The Balancer (a 1"plastic sleeve) is a visual tool and weight adjuster that
can be slid up or down the shaft of the bobber to help the bobber tip upright
when using smaller jigs. When using smaller jigs, sliding the Balancer
towards the base will help tip the bobber upright when the stop knot
touches the base

• You can also trim the bobber down to match your lure and bait weight to
make it as sensitive as you need.

• By poking a starter hole in the top of the bobber with a round toothpick or
similar object, you can then insert a glow or light stick (preferably 3mm.
thick) for 9hrs. of night fishing. To Order 10 Light sticks click here.

• Easily holds a 1/8oz. jig

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$11.99 plus $1.99 shipping and handling.
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Most weighted bobbers always stand upright
after being cast (then you don't know if your
jig and bait is on the bottom of the lake or

If your jig touches bottom, the Wavebuster
will lay down, letting you know to re-set
depth to get your bait off bottom.

If you use a 1/16oz. or 1/8oz. jig or weight the
bobber will stand up immediately when the
stop knot contacts the slotted hole.
The bobber is made of low density
polyethelene soft foam that will not break
when stepped on or bent.
Rod Mosher with a giant  Walleye
• Can be snapped on and off the line instantly
(eliminates the hassle of cutting your line and

• The slotted hole at the base eliminates the
plastic bead. Now all you need attached to your
line is a string stop knot. The slotted hole also
allows your line to zip through quicker than ever

• Extremely sensitive.